Introducing: We are Daybreak BEACON


Introducing: We are Daybreak BEACON

Welcome to our DB / Knowledge Hub

Asking better questions will get us better outcomes.

We’ve created We are Daybreak to do things differently, and at the forefront of what we’re doing is facilitating and creating a platform for our community where we can all work together and enjoy being active outdoors. Getting offline. After all, life doesn’t just happen in front of our screens.

Yet the online can be a great way to connect and get inspired, learn and explore, especially when we’re all sitting in different parts of the world. Until we get to meet out there on the trail.


DB / BEACON is one part of that big dream

A knowledge exchange – connecting those two worlds – shining a light on topics you want to know more about. Stories, ideas, skills, technique, insights, tips, how to, and so on.

Furthermore we’re finding ways to make those insights tangible. Beyond sharing experience, expertise and knowledge, we all know that knowledge is useless if we can’t find ways to implement it. We’re practical thinkers – where can we take it from here and how can this become useful? For you and for all of us.

Writing, talks, workshops and adventures. Whatever it takes to give you a space to do the running, training, exploring, progressing and learning as an ‘athlete’ and person. It’s community, each one of us plays an integral part. We know the why, let’s work on the how together. Calling for co-creation.

You can actively shape our Daybreak content. Just join the conversation on our facebook group. We’ve already had great co-creation content, maybe there’s something you always wanted to know more about too.

We’ve just shared our strength & conditioning programme. It’s free and you can add to it as you go. To find out more and get your hands on it, simply join our Facebook Group


Your DB / Team

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Let us know what you think and want to see more of. We’re keen to bring good content and great experiences to life. Interested?


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