We created DAYBREAK to do things differently, and at the forefront of what we’re doing is facilitating and creating a platform for our community where we can all work together and enjoy being active outdoors. Getting offline. After all, life doesn’t just happen in front of our screens.

However we celebrate modern technology, helping us to connect, inspire, learn and explore. Especially when we’re all placed in different parts of the world. Until we get to meet out there on the trail one day.



It’s a knowledge exchange segment within our community – connecting the online and offline and shining a light on topics you want to know more about. Stories, ideas, skills, techniques, insights, tips, how to, and so on. This doesn’t necessarily need to be just focussed around running, this could also be developing skills to deal with day to day demands. Life can sometimes be rather overwhelming, many seek an outlet in sports. To ensure the sport stays fun, we want to create a great support network.

Furthermore we’re always trying to find ways to make insights tangible and accessible. Beyond sharing experience, expertise and knowledge, we know too well that knowledge is useless if we can’t find ways to implement it. We’re practical thinkers – where can we take it from here and how can this become useful? For you and for all of us.

Publishing articles, being featured on podcasts, delivering talks and workshops tied to adventures. Whatever it takes to give you a space to do the running, training, exploring, progressing and learning as an ‘athlete’ and person. It’s community, each one of you plays an integral part. We know the why, let’s work on the how together.


• What do you want to know more about?
• What will be useful to help you progress in your running or in life?
• Or have you got a story to tell? Have you done something which really changed you and the direction in your life? (This could be a race, an adventure, changing your career to follow your dreams, etc)
• What is useful? What can we learn from this?
• Can we try this and see where we get to?
• How can we ask better questions?
• Is more more?
• Where to go next when you ran out of PBs?

We already had very insightful conversations on our community Facebook Group, so come along and tap in. If you have anything to share or a question, head over to our contact form and let us know.


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