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PR – Adventure Travel



Our Co-Founder Matt recently got asked by Adventure Travel Magazine to share his experience of sailing around the world with Clipper Around the World.

Matt left his corporate London life back in August 2015 to sail 50,000+ nautical miles in 11 months around the world. With no previous sailing experience necessary, teams of around 18 embarked on their journey in London on twelve 70-foot ocean racing yachts. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Eight legs and 14 races later he’s come back to his home port in July 2016.

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‘Ideal Travel partner and why? – Anyone with a sense of adventure, sense of humour, and a little resilience in the face of adversity! And someone prepared to throw the plan out the window! 
Lifelong ambition? – I’m lucky to have already achieved on of my early ambitions of circumnavigating the globe by boat – perhaps next time I’ll go by foot.
Most memorable moment? – One of the standout images is, and will always be, sailing into Cape Town, South Africa. For the 24 hours before, the crew were constantly buffeted by a strong front heeling at 45 degrees and crashing upwind through and unsettled sea – in freezing temperatures. As we reached the continent, the weather suddenly lifted, the wind swinging in our favour as dawn and land approached.
Most dangerous moment? – …’

Ordinary, everyday people doing extraordinary things. We can’t wait for Matt to share more of his adventure with our Daybreak community this year.

Featured in: Adventure Travel Magazine. 2018 Adventure Bucket List cover story. Issue 133. January | February 2018


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