Spotlight – Claudi


Spotlight – Claudi


In 2017 Strava launched ‘The New Home of Your Athletic Life
Introducing Athlete Posts’ – 36 athletes from amateur to pro were able to share their expertise beyond training stats.

Claudi, our Co-Founder, was amongst those first few chosen ones and has been bringing in her expertise as ultra runner, triathlon and mental performance coach.

Curating. Creating. Sharing. How training fits into life. How training changes when life takes priority. How both can be balanced and brought together. Her learnings are closely linked to conquering Europe’s stunning mountains. She has travelled most of 2017 taking in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Her ‘EuroPeaks Tour’ was part of her preparations for UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a 170km circumnavigation of Europe’s highest peak Mont Blanc, with 10,000m of elevation gain, entirely racing, semi supported, on foot from France into Italy, Switzerland and back into France, starting and finishing in trail running mecca Chamonix. Leaving her flat London home base, discovering new challenges, physical and mental highs, setbacks and strength on this tour.

Her time spent exploring on foot and pushing her limits was also the beginning of We Are Daybreak – you can read about our grassroots in one of her Strava posts

Join The Euro Peaks Tour – Grassroots to life

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‘Passion doesn’t thrive on compromise. Your dreams deserve attention.
#JoinTheEuroPeaksTour is a vehicle for your dreams. Growth and development – physically, mentally and emotionally. A project aimed at longevity and facilitation. It’s dynamic with room for growth. It’s flexible and it’s shareable. It won’t just be about me, it will also be about you. It will be about us. A joint (ad)venture. Defining passion. Thriving from ideas and dreams.’

Which then led to our launch in January 2018:

We are Daybreak. New beginnings.

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‘No shortcuts in running. No shortcuts in life. This is why running (sports even) is such a brilliant space, for us to explore and learn. Move yourself and you’ll move your mind. In a familiar manner – Do as you say, do more than you say. Be real. Be honest. Stay true to your heart. Be good. And surround yourself with good people. And bloody have fun. It’s a wild world out there. And we’re here to help you get ready to explore and conquer.’

Find more of Claudi’s posts around her athletic life on her Strava post page.

Claudi has recently been ask to share her thoughts on Strava athlete posts and influencer Marketing on Freestak – The Endurance Sports Network. Home of hundreds of influencers in various fields of expertise and sports in the UK. Claudi herself having made a career in advertising, marketing and design over the past 20 years; shifting into entrepreneurial ship and coaching seven year ago. Having founded and helped shape some of the biggest run communities in London (AdventRunning, adidasRunners) and launching We are Daybreak in 2018 to inject a breath of fresh air into the saturated run community market; her expertise runs deep to create bespoke and engaging events and experiences for B2B and B2C.

How brands who are working with content creators will benefit

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‘I believe by being able to display insights into the athletic life of real people, brands can get a good feel about the athlete behind the profile. Marketing has shifted towards building brand values and brand loyalty through community, actual people walking the talk. Athletes on Strava become role models for the every day athlete (who are incidentally the majority of sports consumers).’

Read the full article on her tips for influencers and brands.

These are just some examples in how brands, networks and communities can do co-creation. How online platforms can create tangible offline experiences. And how our team at We are Daybreak can help bridge those two worlds.

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